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POSGEEKS, one of the largest distributor of POS solutions

Based in Ottawa POSGEEKS offers a wide variety of Point Of Sale Solutions across Canada and the US.

A leader in the hospitality industry, POSGEEKS offers services to local small business and large corporate franchise.

Innovation with our tablet base free software for small types of business.  Yes POSGEEKS offers a free solution with no monthly cost.  For a bigger solution, we offer a wide variety of other software including customized POS.

And now POSGEEKS offers you another free service Digital signage.  Yes take any TV and with the help of our media box you can connect to the Internet and turn you TV into a digital display menu and board.  Our free software offers you the following free items:

  • No monthly fees
  • Free support
  • Web base software easy to use
  • Thousands of free pictures and movies
  • Touch screen capable
  • Add widgets such as Facebook, time, weather and many other...

Promote and increase your profit margin with a display board




Largest restaurant in the world

Believe it or not, the largest restaurant in the world is in Syria the name is The Bawabet Dimashq, it boasts 6012 seats.


The oldest restaurant in the US is in Boston

The building dating back to Pre-Revolutionary days house the Union Oyster House and was built in 1826.


The oldest restaurant in Canada

The Splitcrow  pub was built in 1749 and is located in 1855 Granville Street, Halifax,
Nova Scotia,


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Yes beleive it or not we offer a free POS sollution with no monthly fee.

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